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Tantric Body Transformation

Create the body you desire, clear energetic blockages, raise your vibration, develop deep self-love and acceptance, and transform your relationship with food

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A Bit About Me

Graceful Change from the Inside Out

My journey of ever-increasing wellness led me from the United States, to Paris, Spain, Asia and now the Amalfi Coast, Italy. Thanks to my foundation of fitness in Boulder, Colorado, eight years as a personal trainer in Paris and my practice and study of Tantric and Hatha yoga in India, I've developed a method of vibration raising body transformation that focuses on energetic purification and alignment, physical training to create an elongated, flexible, lean and toned figure, spiritual growth through self-love and acceptance and creating a nourishing and satisfying relationship with eating. I am so excited to share this holistic whole being fitness method with you!

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Blending Physical and Energetic Fitness

Remove All Obstacles to increased fitness and well-being


Toning, Cardio, Flexibility, Mobility

Enjoy a unique fusion of low-impact cardio, primal movement flow, yoga and flexibility training with accents of Pilates and Barre technique. Tone, elongate, improve your flexibility and mobility no matter your current fitness level or perceived limitations.

Meditation, Visualization, Energy Work

Through Tantric vibration raising techniques, guided meditation, visualization, sacred breathwork, and Reiki, you'll break through barriers, paradigms, subconscious and behavior patterns. Embody a profound, graceful and harmonious fitness and wellness transformation.

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Amalfi, Italy

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